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Session Times

At Mount Carmel After School Club our sessions run from Monday to Friday term time only. We welcome parents and children to visit After School Club to observe the routine before the child joins the club. The normal session times are 3:10pm to 5:30pm

Mount Carmel After School Club also offers a late pick up of 6.00pm for a nominal fee. This can be arranged with staff on a regular basis or can be arranged as a one-off at short notice. Unless there is a pre-arranged agreement for a late pick up, children should be collected by 5:30pm, if they remain at the setting after this time there will be a late pick up charge.

For extra security we operate a password system. This is where we are informed by the parent/carer of a password that will be used by an unfamiliar adult that is picking up the child from After School Club. Staff will not let a child go with an adult they don’t know unless they have the password. We may also check that addresses are known as an extra precaution.

How The Sessions Operate

This operational plan is available for staff, parents and professionals and it provides guidelines for the daily running of Mount Carmel After School Club. The operational plan is intended to support the policies and procedures file providing copies of letters to parents and examples of forms used by staff. As a working document, the operational plan will be constantly updated and all suggestions for amendments and additional information will be welcomed.

The ages of the children in After School Club range from 4 years to 9 years old and there are occasions when activities will be divided depending on the choice of the child, for example some may choose to take part in activities indoors whilst others may decide on outdoor play.

If you require any further information on the daily running of Mount Carmel After School Club please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.


Only children who attend Mount Carmel Catholic First School are eligible to attend Mount Carmel After School Club.

One off Sessions can be booked for any child who is registered with the After School Club but priority will be given to children who regularly attend sessions every week.

Parents are asked to inform class teachers of their intention to place a child in the care of After School Club. Regular lists of attendees are issued to class teachers for their reference.

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